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A Touch of Frost (David Jason)

Thank you Netflix for returning all seasons of the best british dectective show EVER!  I was extremely disappointed when I found only season 15 was available for streaming.  Due to customer demands, A Touch of Frost is back!!  David Jason is simply brilliant as Detective Inspector Frost …. he’s wonderful! No one does detective shows […]

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June 5 1968

Kennedy, at the Ambassador Hotel, just before he was shot Interesting article ….. read it

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Books that I found interesting

11/22/63 I’m not a fan of Steven King and haven’t read any of his books for years. But, I couldn’t pass this one up.  It seems to be getting rave reviews on Amazon and Good Reads.  I’ve not finished it yet but it is one helluva read … hard to put down. On November 22, […]

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Senate Dem seeks federal funding for diapers

This is the most insane thing that I’ve ever heard of ….. the government now wants to buy diapers! If you can’t afford to buy diapers, don’t have babies!  Did these people ever hear of “cloth” diapers, tide and bleach? Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) on Tuesday introduced legislation that would allow federal block grants that […]

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Coffee Heaven

  Several months ago I ask my Mother if she still had any old stovetop coffee percolators and she found one! An old Corningware pot …. Classic Blue Cornflower pattern. The reason I wanted one was because I had tossed all of mine years ago and when the electricity is off there is no way […]

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Droid X

Great wordpress app for Android …. cool WORDPRESS

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U.S. Pet Owners Paying For High-Tech Veterinary Care

NEW YORK – Brute, a German shepherd, lay anesthetized on an operating table, his hairy chest under a plastic cover and his powerful paws taped immobile. "Here comes the wire up the artery!" said Dr. Chick Weisse, who infused the dog’s cancerous liver with chemotherapy via a catheter at the century-old Animal Medical Center in […]

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Fringed Poppy Mallow

Just checking out the new Windows Live Writer. Can’t find a lot of new things but I haven’t really played with it very long! Windows Live Essentials Beta … check it out.  The new Photo Gallery is pretty cool.

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Google is a “dog-friendly” company

Google is a super dog-friendly company. It proudly names “company dogs,” like Yoshka (described as a “free-range Leonberger”) pictured above. Yoshka accompanies Urs Holzle, senior VP operations and Google Fellow to the Googleplex. Less senior staff are also allowed to bring their dogs to the office. According to Google’s “Dog Policy”, one indiscretion too many […]

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Internet Procrastination .. funny stuff!

We are all guilty of “internet procrastination”

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Diigo is the best browser addon that I have been using for approx. the last 6 months.  So fast and so easy …. works with Chrome and Firefox.  I use it mainly for “bookmarking” but it can do so much more. Research Annotate, Archive, Organize Online bookmark: Organize by tags or lists; Access from anywhere, […]

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Art Linkletter (1912-2010)

LOS ANGELES – Art Linkletter, who as the gently mischievous host of TV’s "People Are Funny" and "House Party" in the 1950s and ’60s delighted viewers with his ability to get kids — and grownups — to say the darndest things on national television, died Wednesday. He was 97. Linkletter died at his home in […]

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The “wee” line :o)

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Checking ScribeFire?

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‘Hurt Locker’ takes 6 prizes at the British Film Awards

At least the British Academy Film Awards got it right!  “The Hurt Locker” was the best movie that I saw in 2009.  When it comes around to “oscar night”, the big hollywierdo get together of actors who think they are politicians, I’m sure they will not choose “The Hurt Locker”.  They will inevitably give the […]

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Move over FireFox … Chrome is now my default browser!

Sorry Firefox but Google Chrome is so much faster.  Truthfully, I could make a pot of coffee and wait for it to finish before Firefox loaded!  I do have a lot of extensions in Firefox but it shouldn’t take that long to load.  Google Chrome just opened up their extension site …. wooooohoooo!!  This is […]

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Someone please tell CNN that Tiger Woods not playing in his own golf tournament is NOT breaking news! Someone please tell CNN that Chelsea Clinton getting engaged is NOT breaking news! When I get a breaking news text alert on my cell, I expect it to be something important ….. not some garbage.

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Edward Woodward Dead at 79

I used to love “The Equalizer” and always thought that Woodward was a great actor. Veteran British actor Edward Woodward has died at the age of 79. Woodward, best known for his roles in cult horror film The Wicker Man and hit TV series Callan and The Equalizer, passed away in hospital after battling illnesses […]

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Cell Phone Facts (interesting)

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