Diigo is the best browser addon that I have been using for approx. the last 6 months.  So fast and so easy …. works with Chrome and Firefox.  I use it mainly for “bookmarking” but it can do so much more.

Research Annotate, Archive, Organize

  • Online bookmark: Organize by tags or lists; Access from anywhere, anytime!
  • Archive: Do not just bookmark! Archive pages forever! Make them searchable too!
  • Annotate: Do not just archive! Highlight! Add sticky notes too!

Share Build Personal Learning Network

  • Share your annotated pages with your followers on Diigo or elsewhere.
  • Get a stream of interesting content by following others you like.
  • Interact with others on content of interest.

Collaborate Create a Group Knowledge Repository

  • Create a private or public group for your company, class, and teams.
  • Share findings to the group — make it the second brain for your team!
  • Interact on the web pages in-situ or in the group.

Give it a try …. Diigo