corningware potSeveral months ago I ask my Mother if she still had any old stovetop coffee percolators and she found one! An old Corningware pot …. Classic Blue Cornflower pattern.

The reason I wanted one was because I had tossed all of mine years ago and when the electricity is off there is no way to make coffee.

This morning I decided to make a pot of coffee on the stove.  WoW …. the best coffee I’ve had in years.  Oh, and the aroma is just heavenly. I went outside to fill the bird feeders while the coffee was perking … opened the door to come back in and the smell was wonderful.

The one thing that I did wrong … it wasn’t quite strong enough or maybe I didn’t let it perk as long as it should have.  I haven’t made coffee this way for at least 35 years or longer.  When I first got married in 1967, I always made coffee on the stove.  Then in the early 70’s, they came out with the Corningware electric percolators and I had to have one.  Then it was on to Mr. Coffee and all the other brands that were hot sellers.

As of this morning I will no longer be using any drip coffee makers …. the old Corningware pot will be my choice.

The "blast from the past" has proven to be the best ever coffee!  Give it a try … you won’t regret it.  If nothing else, just do it for the aroma that fills your house …. it is "Coffee Heaven" for sure!