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Fringed Poppy Mallow

Just checking out the new Windows Live Writer. Can’t find a lot of new things but I haven’t really played with it very long! Windows Live Essentials Beta … check it out.  The new Photo Gallery is pretty cool.

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Bald Eagles

I could not get close to these Eagles … they were across the river!  Not the images that I wanted but at least I got a few shots of these awesome creatures.  They are truly an amazing bird … so beautiful!!

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Tres Amigos

and then there were two …..

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Sometimes you feel like a nut ……….

Picasa Web Album Squirrels

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Silly Squirrel .. what is he doing?

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Great Blue Heron

Taken at Burdette Park .. December 19, 2008

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Checking out some plug-ins for WLW

Looks like the “polaroid picture” plugin works Windows Live Writer Plugins

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New Blog

I’ve decided to try WordPress once again.  Hoping it will be better than the previous install from approx 2 years ago.

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