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The Red Fox Family

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Meet the little Red Fox Family …..

I’ve been feeding these foxes for over 2 months.  The first time that Mom & Pop brought the little ones out for me to see it was around 9pm so I didn’t get a photo of them all together.  That night there were 3 little ones and they were very small.  Several nights later they came out and there were only 2 little ones.  A few days ago someone came by and told me that one of the little ones had been killed on the highway!  (ruined my whole day).  I still put a big plate of food out when it gets dark but for the last 3 nights Mom is the only one that comes over to eat.  Maybe something has happened to the last remaining little one.

I feel sad for Mom since she was such a good mother and so protective of the little guys …… but …… they get a certain size and she is no longer able to control them.


Mom only brought them out right before dark so the images are not that great

mom and little ones3


mom and little ones sm


little ones


mom fox



This is a shot of Mom.  She certainly is a gorgeous lady!  Her coat is so pretty and shiny when the sun hits her … she seems healthy and has no signs of mange.



dad fox



And, this is Dad …. he’s making off with a couple of hotdogs!

The Fox and the Coyote

Saturday, January 6th, 2007

I’ve been watching this fox for a long time. He finally got brave enough to come and stand across the road. I had the camera on the tripod at the bedroom window so I managed to get several good shots of him. He stayed for awhile and then took off for the creek. About 20 minutes later I saw him shoot out of the trees like a streak of lightning …. he ran across two open fields then he was out of sight. About 5 minutes after that a Coyote came running out of the woods in the same spot as the fox so my guess would be that the Coyote scared the crap out of the little fox :o)